1. How To Keep Dreaming: Vol. IV

  2. Valley Hush
    Valley Hush

  3. All Bases Covered
    Various Blonde

  4. The Backbone Of Night
    The Philistines

  5. How To Keep Dreaming: Vol. III

  6. "Gone With The Trends"

  7. Orphan League Champs
    Little Legend

  8. Current

  9. Tetris B/W Dog Years

  10. How To Keep Dreaming

  11. Ocean's Daughter
    Light Music

  12. Televangelist
    Spirit Is The Spirit

  13. Songs of Ghastly Menace
    Ghastly Menace

  14. Sapphires
    La Guerre

  15. Road Warrior Remixes
    The Noise FM

  16. Smoke Signals
    Stolen Nations

  17. Inner Room

  18. Rare And Collectible Spirits
    La Guerre

  19. Attraction
    The Noise FM

  20. Yawn Claw
    State Bird

  21. Kiasedona
    Fake Natives

  22. Violent
    La Guerre

  23. Summer, Don't You Dare

  24. No Way To Tell
    Little Legend

  25. The Three
    La Guerre

  26. Live Old Die Young
    Cowboy Indian Bear

  27. Blank City
    Soft Reeds

  28. Baktun Baby
    Spirit Is The Spirit

  29. Fake Natives
    Fake Natives

  30. Little Legend
    Little Legend

  31. Does Anybody See You Out?
    Cowboy Indian Bear

  32. Savannah>Jacksonville

  33. Aguardiente
    Making Movies

  34. Mother Mountain
    Spirit Is The Spirit

  35. Davy Drusky

  36. Sign and Wonders
    Max Justus

  37. Healin The Pain
    State Bird

  38. Ad Astra Arkestra
    Ad Astra Arkestra

  39. Soft Reeds + Minden
    Soft Reeds + Minden

  40. Sport

  41. Swift Way On

  42. Mercy
    Max Justus

  43. Airplanes Can't
    Saharan Gazelle Boy

  44. Strange Teen Heart
    Saharan Gazelle Boy

  45. Soft Reeds Are Bastards
    Soft Reeds

  46. Pick Up YR Heart

  47. Holy Spirits
    State Bird

  48. Each Other All The Time
    Cowboy Indian Bear

  49. Cowboy Indian Bear/ It's True
    Cowboy Indian Bear/ It's True

  50. Try Brother

  51. No Mercy
    Max Justus

  52. Perhapsy

  53. Five Leaping Leopards
    Max Justus

  54. Mostly Ghostly
    State Bird


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The Record Machine is an independent record label based in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 2003, TRM has released over 50 records and is the curator for Middle Of the Map Fest. Our goal is to make an organic community of artists and help connect them with listeners. ... more

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