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The Record Machine is a homegrown, pioneering independent record label based in Kansas City, MO. We originally established the label to promote and release music from our hometown, but, as time went on, we began releasing records from all across the country. We aim to work with a diverse group of musicians who are hardworking, dedicated, and stand-out on their own accord. Our catalogue is an eclectic mix; we are proud that we don’t fit into any single genre and that there is a unifying, uplifting quality to our releases. We hope to nurture musicians and connect them with a wider audience. Tim Finn of The Kansas City Star remarked about The Record Machine’s output “[They] have assembled a stable of diverse artists who are making music that deserves national attention.”

$20 helps us to release records, order band merch/vinyl, put on shows, and promote our artists. All the money that we make goes directly back into helping our artists achieve their artistic vision, your subscription directly supports artists we work with to release more music. You in return get full high-quality digital file downloads and unlimited streaming access on our Bandcamp. Plus you will be the first to be notified each time we release a new record.

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    Cowboy Indian Bear/It's True 7"
    State Bird - El Gran Burrito
    Soft Reeds / Minden 7"

    Palace - Summer Don't You Dare
    Soft Reeds - Soft Reeds Are Bastards
    Cowboy Indian Bear - Each Other All The Time
    Winston Jazz Routine - Sospiri
    Winston Jazz Routine - Realization LP
    State Bird - Mostly Ghostly
    Sam Billen - Headphones & Cellphones
    James Dean Trio - Getting Scary
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    Plus one vinyl record of your choice from the following:

    Coby and The Prisoners - Candy Queen
    Valley Hush - Valley Hush
    Various Blonde - All Bases Covered
    The Philistines - Backbone of Night
    Light Music - Oceans Daughter
    Ghastly Menace - Songs of Ghastly Menace
    Soft Reeds - Blank City
    Capybara - Dave Drusky
    State Bird - Healin The Pain
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The Record Machine
Kansas City, Missouri
The Record Machine is an independent record label based in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 2003, TRM has released over 50 records and is the curator for Middle Of the Map Fest. Our goal is to make an organic community of artists and help connect them with listeners.

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